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AU 35.00

THOSE WERE THE DAYS (with vocals)

01-Blues-AintMisbehavin'-BPM-28 (3.38)
02-Blu-Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue-BPM-28 (3.45)
03-Cha Cha-I Only Wanna Be With You-BPM-31 (3.18)
04-Cha Cha-Listen to The Rhythm Of The Falling Rain-BPM-31 (3.14)
05-Foxtrot-Mr Wonderful-BPM-29 (3.31)
06-Foxtrot-The Summer Wind-BPM-29 (3.40)
07-Gypsy Tap-My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock-BPM-48 (2.11)
08-N.V.Waltz-Sweet Rosie O'Grady-BPM-52 (2.35)
09-N.V.Waltz-The Legend Of Life-BPM-51 (2.39)
10-Quickstep-A Walk In The Black Forest-BPM-48 (2.08)
11-Quickstep-Those WereThe Days-BPM-48 (2.07)
12-Rumba-Here There And Everywhere-BPM-37 (3.47)
13-Saunter-A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square-BPM-28 (3.31)
14-Saunter-Just Walking In The Rain-BPM-28 (3.48)
15-Samba-Love Is In The Air-BPM-48 (3.51)
16-Samba-Rock The Boat-BPM-48 (3.51)
17 -Swing-Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree-BPM-48 (2.08)
18-Tango- Welcome To Burlesque-BPM-32 (2.40)
19-Waltz-So This Is Love-BPM-30 (3.23)
20-Waltz-Waltz From La La Land-BPM-30 (3.24)
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