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Hi Dancers

welcome to our Social Page - a new year and lets all keep safe, healthy and up to date with the current health regulations.  Most Dance Venues that have been permitted to recommence now have strict policies to ensure that the COVID regulations are adhered to - it's a tough time for our Dancing Industry but if we all pull together and help each other when necessary, we will all be fine.  

We are so very pleased to announce I am performing at "Cooly Rec Club" on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at the NEW TIME of 9.30am


Tony and I will be performing on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month from January 2021 - we will be trying our best to give everyone a great night of Dance Music. Bookings essential call Dianne mobile 0417 389 650

Please keep posted for any changes to dates as sometimes our schedule will change with the ever evolving situation, ie: COVID and my commitment with The Nannas and The Poppas Children's TV Show. 


www.newvoguemusic.com (with a Social page) and

www.sequencedancemusic.com  (NO Social page)


At a later stage we hope to include A GIG GUIDE!

A special thanks to everyone that has supported and kept us in the loop, purchasing our music and continuing to enjoy - The Tony Gilbert Sound

Tony also continues to create the most beautiful sequence dance music and we look forward to presenting our music in 2021.  

Maestro Records UK has released "NIGHT BIRDS" and they continue to stride ahead by supporting LIVE Music and working on the latest CDs and Online Downloads for your dancing pleasure and this beautiful Dance CD will be available on our two websites

www.newvoguemusic.com and www.sequencedancemusic.com 

I have continued to present my Radio Program on 4CRB 89.3FM

"Dancing Around the Kitchen" -

i am now presenting DAK every 2nd and 4th Friday Night at 8.00pm -

Tune in LIVE or google on your computer, ipad or phone.

I love the program and I feel I am contributing to the community a service that just may fill a gap specially for those on their own.


4CRB 89.3FM

As some of you may know I have been involved with a NEW project called The Nannas and the Poppas and The Grandparents Club, a children's show designed for Grandparents to share with

their grandchildren.  I am very pleased to tell you that this was released at the end of October 2020 on Kids ABC TV.  You can find us on Facebook: The Nannas and The Poppas or The Grandparents Club - we share tips and lots of fun things for you to enjoy with the kiddies.  It's been a real joy!   The NEW Songs will air in January 2021 on ABC Kids.

We would like to "thank" all those folk that have kept in touch with us - it is very much appreciated - we look forward to seeing you all again and we do miss the many friendships we have through the dancing industry - what a great bunch! 

If you would like to keep updated with some of our day to day activities, I am on

Facebook: Patricia Gilbert or The Tony Gilbert Sound

Take care until we meet again

Patti and Tony (who is busy creating Woo Hoo)

Fun, Fitness and Friendship


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