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Those Fabulous 50s


01-Swing-Istanbul-BPM-48 (2.10)
02-Swing-Music Music Music-Joey's Song-The Poor People Of Paris-BPM-48 (2.10)
03-Blues-Singing The Blues-The Story Of My Life-BPM-29 (3.30)
04-Blues-Personality-BPM-29 (3.30)
05-Waltz-Vaya Con Dios-BPM-30 (3.30)
06-Waltz-Cara Mia-My September Love-Let Me Go Lover-BPM30 (3.30)
07-Saunter-A White Sport Coat-Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer-BPM-29 (3.35)
08-Saunter-Memories Are Made Of This-Love Letters In The Sand-BPM-29 (3.35)
09-Cha Cha-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do-Yellow Polka Dot Bikini-BPM-31 (3.15)
10-Cha Cha-Hey There-If I Give My Heart To You-BPM-31 (3.15)
11-Rumba-Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing-Stars Shine In Your Eyes-BPM-27 (3.45)
12-Rumba-Too Young-Here In My Heart-BPM-27 ( 3.45)
13-Jive-Hey Good Looking-BPM-34 (2.35)
14-Jive-Living Doll-BPM-34 (2.35)
15-Quickstep-Mr Sandman-BPM-48 (2.10)
16-Quickstep-Tweedle Dee-BPM-48 (2.10)
17-Foxtrot-Be My Love-You Are My Special Angel-BPM-29 (3.30)
18-Foxtrot-Stranger In Paradise-I Have Dreamed-BPM-29 (3.30)
19-Tango-Jezebel-No Other Love-BPM-32 ( 3.10)
20-Tango-My Prayer-Catch A Falling Star-BPM-32 (3.10)
21-NV Waltz-The Loveliest Night Of The Year-BPM-52 (2.40)
22-NV-Waltz-Hot Diggity-Hi Lili Hi Lo-BPM-52 ( 2.40)
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