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01-Quickstep-Congratulations-BPM-48 (2.15)
02-Quickstep-TellHim-BPM-48 (2.10)
03-Foxtrot-Diane-Marie-BPM-48-29 (3.32)
04-Foxtrot- My Kind of Girl-The Alley Cat Song-BPM-29 (3.32)
05-Tango-GuitarTango-BPM-31 (3.13)
06-Tango-Theme From Exodus-BPM-31 (3.10)
07-Waltz-Last Waltz-BPM-30 (3.26)
08-Waltz-London By Night-BPM-30 (3.26)
09-Jive-Swinging Safari-BPM-34 (3.02)
10-Jive-A Taste Of Honey-BPM-34 (3.02)
11-Cha Cha-Its My Party-Big Girls Don't Cry-BPM-31 (3.16)
12-Cha Cha-Sugar Sugar-A Hard Day's Night-BPM-31 (3.16)
13-Swing-The Night Has A Thousand Eyes-BPM-48 (2.11)
14-Swing-Walking Back To Happiness-BPM-48 (2.10)
15-Blues-Why-Do You Mind-BPM-29 (3.33)
16-Blues-Witchcraft-BPM-29 (3.33)
17-Rumba-Ferry Across The Mersey-BPM-27 (3.45)
18-Rumba-Green Green Grass Of Home-A Man Without Love-BPM-27 (3.50)
19-Samba-Dream Baby-BPM-50 (2.04)
20-Samba-Quando Quando Quando-BPM-50 (2.04)
21-NV-Waltz-Boom Banga Bang-BPM-52 (2.37)
22-NV Waltz-A Windmill In Amsterdam-Tulips From Amsterdam-BPM-52 (2.39)
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