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01-Blues-Bye Bye Baby-BPM-29-(3.33)
02-Blues-Too Marvelous For Words-BPM-29-(3.33)
03-Cha Cha-Donde Estas Yolanda-BPM-31 (3.15)
04-Cha Cha-Melodie D'Amour-Yellow Bird-BPM-31 (3.15)
05-Swing-This Can't Be Love-BPM-48-(2.09)
06-Swing-I Love You-BPM-48-(2.09)
07-Waltz-Til Tomorrow-BPM-30-(3.25)
08-Waltz-Amore Baciami-BPM-30-(3.22)
09-Jive-Poor Butterfly-BPM-34-(3.01)
10-Jive-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes-BPM-34-(2.59)
11-Saunter-The Touch Of Your Lips-BPM-28-(3.38)
12-Saunter-They Can't Take That Away From Me-BPM-28-(3.38)
13-Tango-Chitara Romana-BPM-32-(3.12)
14-Tango-Ocho Kandelikas-BPM-32-(3.12)
15-Rumba-Amado Mio-BPM-27-(3.44)
16-Rumba-Une Histoire D'Amour-BPM-27-(3.46)
17-Foxtrot-When Joanna Loved Me-29-(3.31)
18-You Always Hurt The One You Love-BPM-29-(3.31)
19-New Vogue Waltz-Real Live Girl-BPM-52-(2.35)
20-New Vogue Waltz-Matchmaker Matchmaker-BPM-52-(2.35)
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$AU 35.00

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