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01-March-Blaze Away-BPM-48 (3.12)
02-March-Get Me To The Church On Time-BPM-48 (3.30)
03-Gavotte-I'd Do Anything-Ladies Please-BPM-24 (4.16)
04-Gavotte-Wouldn't It Be Loverly-BPM-24 (4.16)
05-Old Time Waltz-After The Ball-BPM-42 (2.28)
06-Old Time Waltz-Oh How We Danced-Anniversary Song-BPM-42 (2.28)
07-Swing-Bye Bye Blackbird-BPM-48 (2.10)
08-SW-Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart-BPM-48 (2.10)
09-Blues-How Do You Mend A Broken Heart-BPM-28 (3.40)
10-Blues-Nevertheless-To Tired-BPM-28 (3.40
11-Tango-Por Una Cabeza-BPM-32 (3.10)
12-Tango-BlueTango-BPM-32 (3.10)
13-Quickstep-Lili Marlene-Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line-Kiss Me Goodnight Seargant Major-BPM-48 (2.10)
14-Quickstep-Put On A Happy Face-BPM-48 (2.10)
15-Saunter-April In Paris-Cest Si Bon-BPM-28 (3.38)
16-Sautner-Lets Do It-BPM-28 (3.38)
17-Old Time Waltz-My Hero-BPM-42 (2.26)
18-Foxtrot-Once In A While--BPM-29 (3.30)
19-Viennese Waltz-Artist's Life-BPM-60 (2.15)
20-Viennese Waltz-Dolores Waltz-BPM-60 (2.17)
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