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01-Swing-Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By-BPM-48 (2.10)
02-Swing-Knock Knock Who's There-BPM-48 (2.10)
03-Blues-Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head-BPM-28 (3.40)
04-Blues-Can't Smile Without You-BPM-28 (3.40)
05-Cha Cha-Love Will Keep Us Together-BPM-31 (3.19)
06-Cha Cha-Then He Kissed Me-BPM31 (3.15)
07-Foxtrot-Chanson d'Amour-BPM-29 (3.30)
08-Foxtrot-Happy Birthday Baby-BPM-29 (3.30)
09-Waltz-Three Times A Lady-BPM-30 (3.26)
10-Waltz-Speak Softly Love-BPM-30 (3.26)
11-Tango-Mamma Mia-BPM-32 (3.11)
12-Tango-Money Money Money-BPM-32 (3.11)
13-Samba-Rock The Boat-BPM-50 (2.47)
14-Samba-You're The One That I Want-BPM-50 (2.45)
15-Rumba-And I Love You So-BPM-27 (3.46)
16-Rumba-The Air That I Breath-BPM-27 (3.46)
17-Bossa Nova-Crocodile Rock-BPM-40 (2.35)
18-Bossa Nova-Knock Three Times-BPM-40 (2.34)
19-NVW-Annie's Song-BPM-52 (2.41)
20-NVW-Love Is A Beautiful Song-BPM-52 (2.41)
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